Rad and adorable

RADORABLES is a hand-drawn NFT collection on Radix. 10,000 lovable creatures have been hand-drawn by Vinny and come to live on the Radix Network with over 500 unique traits. During numerous hours of meticulous work, each feature has been crafted with love, care and an eye for detail. The goal was to create a high-quality and lasting monument on the Radix Network – by making sure that each Radorable has their unique identity and does justice to the phenomenal community.

Find here a detailed table that breaks down the collection's layers, traits, and their rarities.



Radorables on RadLand

(last updated: February 25, 2024)
- 1,118,634 XRD -

By getting involved with RADORABLES NFTs, you accept our Terms & Conditions. RADORABLES NFTs are collectable digital art illustration pieces. They are intended for collection purposes (e.g., for the use of personal collections, as profile picture, avatar etc.). They are NOT a financial instrument, investment asset or anything equivalent / similar. See Terms & Conditions for more details.

*RADORABLES can be traded on different platforms. The trading volume shown here is intended to provide a general overview and does not claim to be completely accurate. For reasons of technical hurdles, volumes must be determined manually in some cases and swaps or OTC trades outside the NFT platforms cannot be determined in full. The total shown here is therefore only intended to provide a trend.

10,000 100%


  • Pre-Sale & Launch Phase (Q4 2022)
  • Community engagement, contests, early bird NFT & token giveaways & raffles ✅
  • $BOBBY cooperation and exclusive benefits for $BOBBY holders ✅
  • Collaboration specials ✅
  • Pre-Sale Whitelist announcements & application phase ✅
  • Reveal of artworks ✅
  • Whitelist & Public Sale ✅
  • RADORABLES Evolution (Q1 2023)
  • Listing on VikingLand marketplace (Random minting, Trading, Wallet lookup) ✅
  • Composition of CrumbsUp Whitepaper ✅
  • Pre Babylon (Q2 & Q3 2023)
  • CrumbsUp Whitepaper Release ✅
  • CRUMBS token listing on DEX ✅
  • Post Babylon (Q4 2023)
  • CrumbsUp Platform Launch ✅
  • RADORABLES go smart contracts. NFTs will be fully migrated to the Radix Network. Details and instructions will be announced. ✅


The team behind RADORABLES is a group of Radix enthusiasts based in Europe. From originally discovering Radix as investors, we quickly recognized the enormous potential of the Radix network and became quite involved in the community. From there, our ambition quickly evolved to bringing more value to the growing Radix ecosystem.

Vinny. Creative mind & artist.

Nils. Strategic thinker & utility addict.

Martin. Tech enthusiast & dev wizard.

Stephan. Fullstack guru & dev wizard.